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The list consist of the most highly cited researchers (h-index => 100) according to their public profile in the Google Scholar Citations database. The authors are ranked first by h-index in decreasing order and when ties appear, then by the total number of citations as a secondary criteria Rank Country or State Score Author Shares; 1: Massachusetts (United States) 42.02: 814.35; 2: United Kingdom: 36.05: 3694.31; 3: California (United States) 34.02: 1070.96; 4: Germany: 32.03: 3425.27; 5: New York (United States) 31.06: 912.52; 6: Illinois (United States) 29.06: 508.47; 7: District of Columbia (United States) 28.03: 2137.23; 8: Netherlands: 25.08: 1103.21; 9: Pennsylvania (United States) 24.08: 504.7 Germania - Impact Factor, Overall Ranking, h-index, SJR, Rating, Publisher, ISSN, and other Important Metrics . Impact Factor. 0.21. H-Index. 8. Rank. 15719. SJR. 0.245. Note: The impact factor shown here is equivalent to citescore and is, therefore, used as a replacement for the same. Citescore is produced by Scopus, and can be a little higher or different compared to the impact factor. Analysis (Germany) - Impact Factor, Overall Ranking, h-index, SJR, Rating, Publisher, ISSN, and other Important Metrics . Impact Factor. 0.64. H-Index. 21. Rank. 12128. SJR. 0.363 . Note: The impact factor shown here is equivalent to citescore and is, therefore, used as a replacement for the same. Citescore is produced by Scopus, and can be a little higher or different compared to the impact.

Ein Ranking muss nicht für jeden MBA-Studenten maßgeblich sein. Wichtig ist, Indikatoren für die Rangfolge sind die akademische Reputation, der sogenannte H Index, ein Index, der versucht, sowohl die Produktivität als auch die Wirkung der veröffentlichten Arbeiten eines Wissenschaftlers oder Wissenschaftlers zu messen, die Zitate pro Fakultät, um die Größe der Einrichtung zu. H index Documents Citations Citations per document; Citable documents External cite

Der h-Index ist eine Kennzahl für die weltweite Wahrnehmung eines Wissenschaftlers in Fachkreisen. Die Kennzahl basiert auf bibliometrischen Analysen, d. h. auf Zitationen der Publikationen des Wissenschaftlers.Ein hoher h-Index ergibt sich, wenn eine erhebliche Anzahl von Publikationen des Wissenschaftlers häufig in anderen Veröffentlichungen zitiert wird Journal Citation Reports (JCR) (Clarivate Analytics): zitationsbasiertes Journal-Ranking auf der Plattform ISI Web of Knowledge mit den Impact Factors der Journals und dem H-Index der Autoren. European Reference Index for the Humanities and Social Sciences (ERIH) (NSD): Liste von Zeitschriftentiteln, die die Kriterien von ERIH PLUS erfüllen. International Scientific Journal & Country Ranking. Only Open Access Journals Only SciELO Journals Only WoS Journal Top 5% Authors, h-index, as of December 2020. Explanations; Ranking; More; What this page is about . This page is part of a larger set of rankings for research items, serials, authors and institutions made available on this site. A FAQ is available. Only authors registered with the RePEc Author Service are considered. Only works listed on RePEc and claimed as theirs by registered authors are. German Journal of Exercise and Sport Research h-index. German Journal of Exercise and Sport Research has an h-index of 8. It means 8 articles of this journal have more than 8 number of citations. The h-index is a way of measuring the productivity and citation impact of the publications

This chart shows H-index ranking of living chemists.. Chemistry is a branch of physical science that studies the composition, structure, properties and change of matter.Chemistry includes topics such as the properties of individual atoms, how atoms form chemical bonds to create chemical compounds, the interactions of substances through intermolecular forces that give matter its general. Schlagen Sie den Journal Impact Factor, die Kategorie im VHB-JOURQUAL-Ranking oder den SCImage Journal Factor der gewichteten Zeitschriftenliste im VWL-Handelsblatt-Ranking nach. So erfahren Sie, wie die Qualität einer Zeitschrift bewertet wird. Ausschlaggebend für die Qualität Ihrer Haus- oder Seminararbeit ist u. a. das Lesen und Zitieren von Artikeln aus Zeitschriften, die sich durch. (Jürgen Fritz, 07.05.2020) Seit Wochen und Monaten hat das neuartige Corona Virus SARS-CoV-2 und die von ihm verursachte Lungenerkrankung COVID-19 Deutschland, Europa und Nordamerika fest im Griff. Und plötzlich rückt eine Berufsgruppe in den Fokus der Öffentlichkeit wie nie zuvor: die Virologen. Die Gesichter der Bekanntesten ihrer Zunft kennen inzwischen die meisten von uns, ihre International Scientific Journal & Country Ranking. Metrics based on Scopus® data as of April 202 The h-index was first described by physicist Jorge Hirsch in 2005 in an effort to overcome deficiencies in other bibliometric indices. A scientist's h-index is the greatest number of papers.

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The ranking is based on h-index, citations and number of DBLP documents gathered by May 16th 2020. This ranking includes all leading computer scientists affiliated with Japan. There is a total of 79 scientists included with 5 of them also being listed in the global ranking. The total sum for the H-index values for leading scientists in Japan is 3962 with a mean value for the h-index of 50.15. The ranking is based on h-index, citations and number of DBLP documents gathered by May 16th 2020. This ranking features all top computer scientists affiliated with Brazil. There is a total of 26 scientists included. The total sum for the H-index values for leading scientists in Brazil is 1293 with a mean value for the h-index of 49.73. The.

Introduction Last year we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the invention of the h-index (also known as the Hirsch factor) (Hirsch, 2005), an indicator created by Jorge E. Hirsch, that attempts to measure the achievements of a research scientist. However, it not only appears that h-index has taken on a life of its own but also that the popularity of this formula currently surpasses. Germany is next with 38 scientists, while Canada has 37 scientists. Switzerland closely follows with 34 scientists. Asia showed the most noticeable increase in the number of representing scientists. From just 37 in 2018, the continent now has 55 scientists ranked. In Guide2Research's 2020 ranking, the MIT emerged as the institution with the most number of ranked scientists (44 in all). The.

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Germany is the Second best Europen Country in Medicine. with over 31 Universities enlisted in the general rankings and 3 enlisted in the top 50 universities in Medicine. Universities like Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin (33rd in the World), Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg (40th), and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (42nd) are leading The United States and the United Kingdom dominate this year's accounting & finance ranking, with 109 universities between them. 24 of these are in the top 50, including Harvard University which continues to be ranked as the best in the world for this subject. Outside of the UK and the US, the best university for accounting is National University of Singapore (NUS), which has climbed three. A value of m ≈ 2 (i.e., an h index of 40 after 20 years of scientific activity), characterizes outstanding scientists, likely to be found only at the top universities or major research laboratories. A value of m ≈ 3 or higher (i.e., an h index of 60 after 20 years, or 90 after 30 years), characterizes truly unique individuals The h-index is an author-level metric that measures both the productivity and citation impact of the publications of a scientist or scholar. The h-index correlates with obvious success indicators such as winning the Nobel Prize, being accepted for research fellowships and holding positions at top universities. The index is based on the set of the scientist's most cited papers and the number of. The ranking of the wargame designers is calculated using a variant of h-index (see Wikipedia). This method combines quantity and quality into one single number, which then can be used to rank the designers in an order from best to worst. Instead of counting librarian references, I translate the average ratings of their highest rated wargames into virtual references, currently using the.

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  1. close this panel. Europe. Albania; Andorra; Armenia; Austria; Azerbaijan; Belarus; Belgiu
  2. The Department of Mechanical Engineering of the TUM demonstrates particularly strong performance with regard to highly cited publications (HiCi rank 17) and now holds the top position in Germany. Placement Mechanical Engineering worldwide: Mechanical Engineering of the TUM: 55 (2019
  3. Top universities for politics in the US and Canada. The United States is home to 44 of the 200 universities featured in this year's ranking. Of these, five are featured in the top ten in the world and Harvard University takes the top spot for the best politics school, for the fifth consecutive year, earning a perfect score in the employer reputation index
  4. Journal ranking is widely used in academic circles in the evaluation of an academic journal's impact and quality. Journal rankings are intended to reflect the place of a journal within its field, the relative difficulty of being published in that journal, and the prestige associated with it. They have been introduced as official research evaluation tools in several countries. Measures.
  5. This ranking aggregates the individual ranking methods by taking the harmonic mean of the invidual rankings (plus one), leaving aside the best and the worst ranking. Citation counts are adjusted to exclude citations from the same series. These computations are experimental and based on the citation analysis provided by the CitEc project, which uses data from items listed in RePEc. Only series.
  6. The chemists were ranked by h-index, a number invented by physicist Jorge Hirsch in 2005 to measure research impact. A scientist's h-index is the highest number of papers they have published which have each amassed at least that number of citations: Corey, with an h of 139, has published 139 papers which have each received at least 139 citations, for example. By combining quantity and.
  7. Nobel laureate chemist Harry Kroto is ranked an apparently undistinguished 264th in the h-index list of chemists because his (deserved) fame rests largely on a single breakthrough paper in 1985

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College and university rankings are rankings of institutions in higher education which have been ranked on the basis of various combinations of various factors. None of the rankings give a comprehensive overview of the strengths of the institutions ranked because all select a range of easily quantifiable characteristics to base their results on DivDAX® Index: die 15 besten Dividendentitel aus dem DAX® Index. Der DivDax® Index enthält die 15 Unternehmen mit der höchsten Dividendenrendite aus den 30 DAX®-Unternehmen. Die Titelauswahl basiert dabei auf der historischen Dividendenrendite der DAX®-Unternehmen. Hierbei ist die zuletzt gezahlte Dividende im Verhältnis zum Kurs am Ausschüttungstag entscheidend h5-index is the h-index for articles published in the last 5 complete years. It is the largest number h such that h articles published in 2015-2019 have at least h citations each.hid

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A striking example of such disparity was Eimeria spp which, despite ranking eighth in H-index, is ranked 18 th in M-quotient because it held the oldest publication (from 1929) in its H-index core. The opposite case was represented by avian influenza virus, which first publication in its H-index core was relatively recent (from 1983), yielding both the highest H-index and the highest M-quotient. Place 2, Germany (2018) QS World University. Rakings by Subject. Academic Reputation, Employer Reputation, Citations per paper, H-Index. 2018: Place 51-75, worldwide. Place 2, Germany (2018) Academic Ranking. of World Universities, Shanghai Ranking There are currently 401 chemical engineering schools in the rankings, with 33 of these located in China. China's top university for chemical engineering this year is Tsinghua University, in 12 th place worldwide after dropping one spot this year in the rankings. Tsinghua University earns a near perfect score in all of the indicators - particularly the H-index and academic reputation. The h Index for Computer Science by Jens Palsberg In this paper, J. E. Hirsch, Dept of Physics, UCSD, proposes the index h, defined as the number of papers with citation number higher or equal to h, as a useful index to characterize the scientific output of a researcher. Here is a partial list of computer science researchers who each has an h index of 40 or higher according to Google Scholar h-index. rank h-index. top 1% rank. United States 427 1 1 United Kingdom 273 2 2 Germany 233 3 3 France 187 4 5 Canada 174 5 6 Switzerland 162 6 8 China 160 7 19 Australia 142 8 10 Spain 139 9 12 Japan 139 9 4 Netherlands 136 11 9 Sweden 129 12 11 Italy 127 13 7 Denmark 120 14 14 Israel 12

Author-level metrics are citation metrics that measure the bibliometric impact of individual authors, researchers, academics, and scholars. Many metrics have been developed that take into account varying numbers of factors (from only considering total number of citations, to looking at their distribution across papers or journals using statistical or graph-theoretic principles) Scimagojr.com provides country ranking based on Total Published Documents, Citable documents, Citations, Self-Citations, Citations per Document and h-index. As per this website, as of 2019 [update] , the United States ( h -index : 2222) was in first place, the United Kingdom ( h -index : 1373) was in the second place and Germany ( h -index : 1203) was in third place based on national h -index ranking World Rank University Det. Presence Rank* Impact Rank* Openness Rank* Excellence Rank* 1: 149: Universität Wien: 91: 117: 195: 260: 2: 374: Universität Innsbruc Google Scholar provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature. Search across a wide variety of disciplines and sources: articles, theses, books, abstracts and court opinions

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NOTE: An individual's h-index may be very different in different databases. This is because the databases index different journals and cover different years. For instance, Scopus only considers work from 1996 or later, while the Web of Science calculates an h-index using all years that an institution has subscribed to. (So a Web of Science h-index might look different when searched through. AI-Rankings is a tool to create customizable AI Researcher rankings based on the DBLP publication dataset. The page is set up with support of the University of Würzburg and the BMBF project REGIO.With the ongoing interest in AI and AI research, Kristian Kersting (TU Darmstadt) and Andreas Hotho (Universität Würzburg) came up with the idea of this tool, which allows for an easy check of.

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1967 in Recklinghausen, Germany: Education: 1986 - 1991, Pharmacy study at the Westfälische-Wilhelms-Universität, Münster, Germany 1991 - 1992, Predoctoral Fellow at the University of Florida, Gainesville, USA : PhD: 1992 - 1997, PhD Thesis at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Biology, FU Berlin, Germany: Postgrade Qualification (Habilitation): 1998 - 2003, Institute of Pharmaceutical. Disciplines differ in their authorship and citation practices, thus discipline-specific h-index norms are desirable. Thus the goal of this study was to examine the relationship between the h-index and academic rank in the field of medical education, and the differences in the h-index between MD's and PhD's in this field. Due to the absence of a formalized registry of medical educators, we. 3-Jahr Journal Impact Journal Ranking 2020-21 Journal Impact Vorhersage. Research Hotspot Click Each Keyword to Figure Out More . People also search for: Fungal Diversity, Trends in Ecology and Evolution, Molecular Biology and Evolution, Genome Biology, Annual Review of Entomology, more. Die Naturwissenschaften - Journal Impact. Der Journal Impact 2019 von Die Naturwissenschaften beträgt 1. Downloadable! The aim of this study is to examine the effect of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) development on country's scientific ranking as measured by H-index. Moreover, this study applies ICT development sub-indices including ICT Use, ICT Access and ICT skill to find the distinct effect of these sub-indices on country's H-index

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Laut diesem aktuelleren Ranking hat Freud bereits einen h-Index von 272 und 482.648 Zitierungen, was auch zeigt, wie dynamisch diese Ranglisten sind. Für seine akademische Karriere half das. 12/2007-12/2012: Group Leader, Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research in Mainz, Germany 06/2010: Director of the Institute of Advanced Organic Materials, Shanghai Jiao Tong University 03/2011: Distinguished Adjunct Professorship in Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China 12/2012-07/2014: Distinguished Group Leader, Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research in Mainz, Germany 08/2014: W3 Chair. Downloadable! Academic rewards and honors are proven to correlate with h-index, although it was not the decision criterion for them till recent years. Once h-index becomes the rule-setting scientometric ranking measure in the zero-sum game for academic positions and research resources as suggested by its advocates, the rational behavior of competing academics is expected to converge towards.

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* Ontonovation, Dresden, Germany ** Business Intelligence Research, Faculty of Business and Economics, Technische Universität, Dresden, Behavior Mining in h-index Ranking Game 52-61 Rustam Tagiew, Dmitry I. Ignatov; Abstracts. Empirical Evaluation of Neural Networks on Stocks of Pakistan Stock Exchange 62 Ali Abdullah, Ambreen Hanif, Noman Javed; Full Proceedings. The complete EEML 2017. h-index Number of Articles; Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres (2018) 17: 1557: Rwth Aachen University (2018) 12: 352: Darmstadt University of Technology (2018) 8: 232: University of Freiburg (2018) 6: 196: University of Hamburg (2018) 9: 193: University of Hanover (2018) 10: 154: University of Kiel (2018) 9: 133: HZDR (2018) 9: 130: Technical University of Dortmund (2018) 7: 11 The m-index, introduced by the creator of the h-index, is defined as the h-index divided by the number of years since the researcher's first publication. The index is meant to normalize the h-index so that early- and late-stage scientists can be compared. The m-index averages periods of high and low productivity throughout a career, which may or may not be reflective of the current situation.

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• This year Germany ranks 12th in Innovation Inputs, better than last year and compared to 2017. • As for Innovation Outputs, Germany ranks 9th. This position is worse than last year and compared to 2017. 9th . Germany ranks 9thamong the 50 high-income economies. Germany ranks 9 th among the 129 economies featured in the GII 2019. 9t This section collects links to web sites reporting rankings of academic journals, world universities and departments, or scholars in selected fields. The section includes 3 types of rankings. The Academic journals section collects a series of rankings of academic journals based on bibliometric indexes such as the ISI Impact Factor and the H Index (The h-index was suggested by Jorge E. Hirsch, physicist at San Diego State University in 2005. The h-index is sometimes referred to as the Hirsch index or Hirsch number.) e.g., an h-index of 25 means the researcher has 25 papers, each of which has been cited 25+ times. Step 1 - Setting Up a Google Scholar Profil

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If e.g. the top ranked article had been cited 1,000 times, this would not change the h-index. Second, the h-index will generally only increase if the researcher continues to produce good work The h-index, proposed by Hirsch , has received wide attention in recent years. For example, as of January 1, 2013, the original paper putting forward the h-index has been cited for 1,232 times in the database of Science Citation Index (SCI). Due to its importance, the h-index study becomes one of the hottest topics in past years His h index was proposed as an alternative to other bibliometric indicators such as citations per paper. It is based on a scientist's lifetime citedness, which incorporates productivity as well as citation impact (an all-in-one metric). This article gives an overview of different contexts of the h index application, its advantages and disadvantages, h index variants, its convergent validity. Rank 17 Country Sweden Result 54,608; Rank 18 Country Netherlands Result 53,024; Rank 19 Country Austria Result 51,462; Rank 20 Country Finland Result 50,152; Rank 21 Country Hong Kong Result 48,676; Rank 22 Country Germany Result 47,603; Rank 23 Country Belgium Result 47,51

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AN IMPROVEMENT OF THE H-INDEX: THE G-INDEX1 by L. Egghe Universiteit Hasselt, Campus Diepenbeek, Agoralaan, B-3590 Diepenbeek, Belgium and Universiteit Antwerpen, Campus Drie Eiken, Universiteitsplein 1, B-2610 Wilrijk, Belgium e-mail: leo.egghe@uhasselt.be For a set of papers, ranked in decreasing order of the number of citations that they received, the h-index is the (unique) highest number. ‪Professor für Numerische Mechanik, Leibniz Universität Hannover‬ - ‪3.546-mal zitiert‬ - ‪Computational Mechanics‬ - ‪Finite Element Methods‬ - ‪Multiscale Analysis

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SCImago Institutions Rankings is a classification of academic and research-related institutions ranked by a composite indicator that combines three different sets of indicators based on research performance, innovation outputs and societal impact measured by their web visibility Nature Index 2020 Germany. Germany's position as a research giant is defined by its strong and steady science funding and long-term investment in basic research. But although national science organizations are thriving under funding certainty, there are concerns that some universities will be left behind Ranked 1 st in Canada among medical-doctoral universities for 15 consecutive years by Maclean's University Ranking till 2020; Ranked 35 th among the world universities, according to QS News World University Ranking for 2020. According to THE World University Ranking, placed at 42 nd position among world universities The QS World University Rankings ® results can be found on www.topuniversities.com. This ranking also receives significant coverage in many national and international newspapers and media channels including The Guardian (UK), Chosun Ilbo (South Korea), The People's Daily (China), Rossiya Segodnya (Russia), The Times of India Ranking for Computer Science & Electronics : The 2020 6th edition of Top Scientists Ranking for Computer Science & Electronics was prepared by Guide2Research, one of the leading portals for computer science research providing trusted data on scientic contributions since 2015. The ranking represents h-index, DBLP and citations values gathered by Ma World University Rankings), auch wenn diese Listen auf, in unseren Augen, ungenauen Daten und beliebigen Indikatoren beruhen. Manche Personalabteilungen verlangen h-Index-Werte für Bewerber. Einige Universitäten stützen Promotionsentscheidungen auf Schwellwerte für den h-Index und auf die Anzahl der Artikel in high-impact-Zeitschriften. Die Lebensläufe von Wissenschaftlern sind.

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